Craftsman of your furniture journey

Welcome to our world, where luxury furniture and exceptional craftsmanship come together to create unforgettable everyday experiences within your home. Explore our collection and be seduced by the essence of contemporary travel to the Orient, captured in every detail of our creations.

We would like to tell you our story, an adventure that is nourished by a deep passion for travel and the discovery of fascinating cultures around the world and in particular of the Mediterranean and Eastern regions. Inspired by minimalism, craftsmanship and desert landscapes, we set out to create furniture that carries this beauty into your home as a true ode to everyday travel.

In the picture: Naïm Frih, founder of Dune ateliers, and "Le Rectangle" coffee table.

Our history


It all started many years ago, when our founder, Naïm Frih, an avid traveler, marveled at the architectural marvels that deserts could hatch. From the dunes of the Sahara to the region of Merzouga in Morocco to those that can be encountered in the Sultanate of Oman or even in the remote Yemeni island of Socotra, each landscape was a source of inspiration, a call to creating unique pieces that would tell a story and evoke a feeling of an extended journey back home.

This is how, fed by these inspirations, Naïm Frih began to bring his ideas to life by designing coffee tables and luxury furniture capturing the essence of earthly materials and oriental traditions. No doubt you had the experience in your childhood or with your children of bringing a little piece of vacation home via a few grams of sand or a small pebble picked up on the beach to keep a souvenir of your trip. This is what Naïm Frih tried to transcribe. To do this, he could rely on his experience in furniture. Indeed, the youngest of a family of carpentry and cabinetmaking craftsmen, Naïm Frih spent his childhood in manufacturing workshops forging know-how alongside his father. After having cut his teeth in the designer furniture trade of the 1950s and 1980s in parallel with his law and business studies, he decided to launch his own line in order to bring a new offer to his measure to propose to a clientele. who could recognize themselves in elegant and refined pieces with oriental inspirations.

Our commitment to authenticity and quality is reflected in each of our creations. Every detail is meticulously considered to capture the essence of our roots and provide you with a unique yet relaxing Mediterranean-Oriental escape now made everyday.

Our passion is not limited to the creation of functional and aesthetic furniture. We view each piece as a sculpture, a work of art that adds to your living space. We have therefore made the choice to produce our collections only in limited series. When the collection is sold, we establish a waiting list for future buyers. This is one of the reasons why our parts are even considered as real investments by some. Aware that the second hand is a happy ending for our creations, we are delighted to know that some of our customers decide to invest in our pieces convinced by the aesthetics and also by the increase in value in the medium term. Our Dune coffee table could thus be seen in an auction of collectible design furniture bringing together hand-picked names such as Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Paulin and Jean Prouvé.